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Steel Tubular Scaffold

Originated from Japan / Korea and conforming to JIS (Japan Industrial Standards) and BS (British Standards).

Commonly used in the Marine & Process industries. Generally used for areas under constraints and limitations such as in tanks, vessels’ internal and difficult access areas.

Considered to be the most versatile scaffold as length can be customised for site suit. It requires minimum storage space.

Description: Steel Tubular Scaffold
Country of Origin: Japan / Korea

ModuWedgeTM Scaffold System

This modular scaffold system is our invention – researched, designed and developed by our own engineers. ModuWedgeTM is a registered trademark of Multiheight. Its wedge mechanism makes it the safest, fastest, strongest and most efficient scaffold system. It is PSB tested to conform to the Singapore Standards (SS 280) and MOM type Approved (Type approval No. CIF/A14.3.53/2003 /01-01).

Description: ModuWedgeTM Scaffold System

Layher Allround Scaffold System

Layher Allround scaffold system is established on the market as a synonym for modular scaffolding. With its superior technology, the Allround connector has superseded conventional scaffolding connection techniques.

At construction sites, chemical plants, power stations, shipyards and for events, this scaffold system offers unbeatable variety of uses as working platforms, protection works, facades upgrading, for support or as rolling towers. Allround equipment caters flexibly for all your requirements, even with very difficult layouts and architectural styles or in places with heightened safety requirements.

Description: Layher Allround Scaffold System
Country of Origin: Germany